Hollywood Sinners at the Dirty Water Club

Hollywood Sinners

Hollywood Sinners are god, without doubt.

Dirty Water Club @ The Shacklewell Arms, 18/5/13

If there was only one reason to be alive then The Dirty Water Club would surely be that reason. They have put on some of the greatest gigs that I have ever been to, and Saturday night’s show was up there as one of the best.

Dirty Water Club left their regular haunt of Tufnell Park’s Boston Arms a while back, and have since been frequenting various venues around North & East London. The Shacklewell Arms, their home for this gig, was formerly known as a pub visited only by toothless old men and those wanting to score poor quality drugs. Now, post-gentrification of Dalston, the place has great sound and is buzzing with the young and hip, with friendly bar staff who make a mean vodka, lime & soda and pour a decent ale. It almost makes the demise of Dalston Lane worthwhile, even though we can no longer buy guitar strings from Johnson & Jones (RIP).

The line up for Saturday night’s DWC was kicked off by ANO (http://anoano.bandcamp.com) a fresh-faced garage band with only one previous performance to their name. I have a feeling that I will be seeing more of ANO. The whole band are cool as f**k. Their singer reminds me of Debbie Harry in the early days, not just her hair and leopard mini skirt, but the way that she delivers her vocals and does a cute hoppy dance throughout each song. She also gets my vote as the person who had the most fun the whole night. She was in the pit and bouncing off the ceiling, quite literally at times, for all 3 subsequent bands.

But by far the main attraction of the night was Spain’s Hollywood Sinners

They are gods.

The gig was packed with all ages and nationalities, and although only the Spanish speakers of the crowd understood what the Hollywood Sinners said in between songs, the international language of fantastic music and sheer energy caused the whole venue to explode. I have never seen this many flying limbs at a gig. Absolutely everyone, young and old, was dancing and stage diving. Yes, there were some stage divers who were old enough to be present at the birth of garage!

Every song the Hollywood Sinners played was a joyful barrage of enthusiasm and pure, wild garage. When they played ‘No Soy Bueno’ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0AtVWW2QjQ) a mosh-pit filled the entire room.

At the end they asked if we wanted “uno mas?”

We all understood, and too right we wanted more.

We all lost our voices shouting “mas mas mas”.

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