Orchestra Of Spheres

Eindhoven Psych Lab June 10th – 11th 2016


My first visit to Eindhoven Psych Lab.
The festival had 4 stages; the Main Lab, the tiny Skid Audio Plant stage, a midsize stage downstairs called The Observatory, and Modulab in the bar.

It was non-stop performances, (around 45 bands/artists over the weekend), with fantastic visuals supplied by Shelf and EPL Visuals Team. I have attempted to re-create the visuals for each band in my drawings.

We arrived on friday evening to hear the announcement that The Oscillation and Useless Eaters were stuck in traffic and couldn’t play until later. (We’d been up since 6am so we didn’t stick around late enough to find out if they did).

We saw 18 performances, and these were the favourites;

Orchestra of Spheres put on a real proper show, they filled the Main Lab Stage with fab dance moves, kookie glasses, self-made instruments, infective tunes, danceable rhythms, and a bass sound that grabs your heart and makes you fall in love with Orchestra Of Spheres. A highlight of Psych Lab.

Orchestra Of Spheres

Parquet Courts are more ‘rock’ than ‘psychedelic’, but were a good fun band for a friday night and the whole of the Main Lab was dancing. My friend Gav said that the visuals behind them made him worried that he’d left the gas cooker on.

Parquet Courts

Black Valleys meets OWOW was the first performance of saturday afternoon on the smaller Observatory Stage and they were the best smelling band of the weekend. Black Valleys are the alter ego of White Hills, and after seeing Black Valley’s set my biggest regret of the festival is missing White Hill’s set on Friday evening. Their Psych Lab performance was made using a special set of instruments made by Eindhoven based company OWOW and was definitely a highlight of the festival.

Black Valleys

Peninsula played 2 sets on the Modulab Stage, we caught the second set, on saturday evening. It was a refreshing blast of experimental noise-art/soundscapes to zone out to and be immersed in true psyched up sounds.

PeninsularThe Modulab stage is described best in the program “We work mainly with modular synthesisers. The individual parts of the modular synthesiser resemble the building blocks of sound, and eventually music. By connecting these building blocks with wires, carrying electrical signals, we can control and influence the creation and evolvement of sound into something spectacular.”

We hung around the Modular Stage and caught the 2nd set of another festival favourite, Mono-Poly. I don’t usually draw bands while I’m watching, but this seemed perfect to draw to. There was only a small handful of people watching, but all of us lucky enough to experience Mono-Poly’s set doubtless would count this as a highlight.

The Mystery Lights were also on the Observatory Stage. Gav’s highlight of the festival. They have a proper 60s garage psychedelic sound, best singer jumps of the festival, and their set went by way too quickly.

The Mystery Lights

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