World Cup 2018 Part 2: Round of 16

Football, MENS WORLD CUP 2018

Drawings from the round of 16. Winner stays, loser leaves.


France 4 – 3 Argentina


The 10s.


Uruguay 2 – 1 Portugal

Ronaldo and his weird shorts action.


Cavani scores 2 goals.



Spain 1 +3 – 1 Russia +4




Croatia 1- 1 Denmark

It was exciting for the first 4 minutes, when both teams scored, but then it got a bit dull. It went to extra time and then penalties.

Most interesting moment was realising that everyone on the pitch except the goalies are in red/white/black.


hmmm… bored….. LOOK! I’M ON TV!


darn…. lost on the sweepstake…


Brazil 2 – 0 Mexico

This World Cup has been quite bland for outrageous hair-dos. The Mexican team had fun with a bottle of bleach, strangely on the day that my colleague Adam came in to work with freshly bleached hair. This led to us speculating that he was moonlighting as a Mexican footballer. Sad to see Mexico knocked out.

Belgium 3 – 2 Japan

Chadli scores Belgium’s 3rd goal 20 seconds before the final whistle and saves us all from extra time.


wc2018069Japan help tidy up the stadium after the game, even though their team is knocked out.


Colombia 1- 1 England 3

England win the penalties. For. The. First. Time. Ever.


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