World Cup 2018 Part 4: Semi Finals

Football, MENS WORLD CUP 2018

France 1 – 0 Belgium

Umtiti’s header in the 51st minute.


“was is an own goal?” no, it just touched onto Fellaini’s lovely hair.


England 1 – 2 Coatia

Everyone loves Gareth Southgate and matchday was named ‘Waistcoat Wednesday’ (by no one except the newspapers).


It all started so well! Trippier scored from a free kick in the first 4 minutes! Everyone in the pub sang ‘football’s coming home!’ and spilt beer.


Croatia equalised, and then scored again in extra time and England’s dream of winning the World Cup were dashed.

Of course, everyone in the pub was disappointed, but the DJ put on ‘You Got The Love’ and we all danced and celebrated and cheered the England Team.


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