The Jolenes / Holly Golightly at the Lexington 12 May 2016


It is summer at last!
Only one thing is better in summer than Holly Golightly, and that is Holly Golightly and The Jolenes playing on the same night, at the same gig!
The Jolenes have a song about the blue lines you get on pregnancy tests. It’s hilarious and clever and brilliant. The Jolenes are pure London bonafide bluegrass.
Holly didn’t have her trumpet friend, so she didn’t do my favourite song off Slowtown Now, but she had a great harmonica player come and join her instead, which was a treat. Holly Golightly at the Lexington is about as close to perfection as you can get. I love that venue and I will never ever get bored of hearing Holly sing. She is God. My only regret is that one last beer at the end of the night, I should have gone straight home instead. I paid for that beer the next day.