Lockdown Shopping Bingo

Corona Diary, Other

How to play:
1. Write a list of things that you would like to buy, things that are usually always in the shops.
2. Go shopping.
3. See how many you can buy off the list.

I played with Gav. We both wrote lists and he went out to the shops. We both scored 8 out of 11 items.


Corona Lock Down Diary

Corona Diary, Other

I’m doing a Corona lock down diary to help me stay sane and so I can remember what me and Gav got up to. We’re eating better than ever because there’s so much time to cook meals and I think that the food in my Brexit box will last another few weeks (I  panic bought my tins and pasta two years ago when my biggest fear was Brexit), when the Brexit box is empty then the memory of these nice meals might be comforting, already I am rationing the Cheddar biscuits.


Cambodian wedding




Moe and Sheehan married last week at a traditional Cambodian wedding in Kirivong, Cambodia. It was the most amazing and beautiful wedding – 2 days of blessings, celebrations, dancing, making new friends and learning how to chat & count in Khmer. I celebrated with four generations from England, Scotland, Ireland, Peru and Cambodia.

This is a card I drew from the foreign guests (from Ireland, Scotland, England & Peru) to the groom’s mum for her warm and wonderful hospitality.



On saturday there was the People’s Vote March to demand that the people get the final say on Brexit. These excited kids were at my local overground station. They were so full of hope that their facepaint and home made banners and t-shirts would make a difference.


On the train was this cute little toddler, he seemed to love his little banner.


The whole of London was packed with people with home made banners and EU flags. It took us two hours to get from Bond Street Tube to the start of the march on Park Lane and a further three hours to get to Trafalgar Square – I didn’t make it to Parliment because I had to leave by 5pm to get to a gig. Along the way there was so many colourful characters of all ages, but this lady’s banner ‘Old person against Brexit’ stayed in my head.



Gina Martin


Gina Martin is an inspiration and hero.  

In summer 2017 Gina was at a music festival when she became aware that a man standing nearby had taken a photo up her skirt of her crotch and was sharing the picture with his friends in the crowd. She grabbed his phone, despite him being quite a bit bigger than her, and ran to the police with it. She was horrified that the police told her that they could not do anything. 

But, Gina didn’t give up, she started an online petition and began campaigning to make up-skirting a criminal offence. 

A few days ago a law was passed so that now ‘up skirting’ is a sexual offence in England and Wales. We have Gina Martin to thank for bringing about this well overdue law. 

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Gigs and Pencils

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Here is a  list of  bands that I have drawn…



Bad Manners (2013)

Black Valleys meets OWOW (White Hills)

Brian Jonestown Massacre 

Cambodian Space project

Captain Hotknives 

Cheating Hearts

Euros Childs (Boston Arms)  

Euros Childs (Red Hedgehog)

Euros Childs (Seabright Arms)



Cracked Up

Cut (2014)


The Darkies (2014)

Deers (Hinds) 2014

Eindhoven Psych Lab 

Ex-Easter Island 

Dingy Skipper

Thee Dinner Ladies

Emergency Bitter

Fat White Family

The Felines

Graham Day & The Forefathers (2014)

Girl Pool  (2015)

Girl Pool (2014)

Good Throb

Thee Gravemen


Hagar The Womb 2016

Hard Skin 2013

Hard Skin (2014)

Helen Love


Here Lies Man

Hollywood Sinners 2013

RM Hubbert (2016)

RM Hubbert (2013)


Johnny Moped


The Julie Ruin

The Liminianas

Los Explosivos

Loud Women 2017

Maid Of Ace

Laura J Martin (2016)

Laura J Martin (2014) 

Las Marlenes

Leadfoot Tea & Fernando

MDC (Dave) 

MDC (Mike)

Menace Beach 2015

Menace Beach

Militant Girlfriend

Aidan Moffat  



Moon Duo (2014)

Moon Duo (at the Haunt)

Munster Raving Party 2013

Munster Raving Party 2015

Mystery Lights

Noise Complaint 

Oh Gun Quit

Orchestra of Spheres 

Ela Orleans  (Cafe Oto)


Otoboke Beaver (2017)

Otoboke Beaver (2016)

Charlemagne Palestine & Rhys Chatam (2014)

Parquet Courts

The Parrots

The Pastels


The Pukes (Clara) 

The Pukes (2015 Spain)

Rabies Babies at Happy Day Punk Fest in France 2013

Rabies Babies Prague 2015

Rabies Babies Loud Women 2017

The Ramonas

Rebellion Festival 2014

Rebellion Festival (friday) 2015

Rebellion Festival (saturday) 2015 

Rebellion Festival 2016


Sauna Youth




Skinny Girl Diet



Sleaford Mods


Brix Smith

Mark E Smith

The Smoggers

Snapped Ankles


Talulah Gosh

The Tuts

The Voladoras

Jane Weaver

The Werecats