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I started sketching bands in 2013 at a garage-punk festival in Spain as something to do during siesta time. It is my fight back to those people who stand in front of me at gigs and hold up their camera phone and then spend the whole gig just looking at their little screens. It is more fun to just watch the band, enjoy the moment, and then afterwards try to remember what it all looked like and capture the essence of the gig.

I don’t draw all the bands that i go to see, all of these are done from memory, sometimes straight after the gig, sometimes after a few beers.

I started drawing football tournaments during the World Cup of 2014, and have draw tournaments every year since (men and women’s football).


Lorna Tiefholz

There isn’t a lot of other gig drawers, we are fairly rare. Here is one that is very good:

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  1. hi!! my name is cleo im in a band called girlpool. you drew har and i a few months ago and its so cuteeee we love it so much!! we’re wondering if we could use the image (and obvs give u tons of credit) for a mixtape we’re making !
    lmk what you think! we love your art so much!!!! ❤ ❤ 🙂 ~ cleo


    1. Hi Cleo, thanks so much for your message, I love Girlpool! You rule! I am so happy that you like my drawing! Yes, of course, i would love for you to use the drawing for your mixtape, it would be great if you could credit me when you use it, and let me know if you would like a better quality scan of it. Perhaps you could do me a favour? I make a monthly internet radio show called Rebellious Radiozine, (previous shows are here; https://www.mixcloud.com/magiclorne ), it would be brilliant if you could meet me for a quick interview for my radio show when you in london next, I have played Girlpool on quite a few shows so it’d be ace to have an interview with you. If your schedule is too busy then do not worry, but if you have a spare 10 minutes then it’d be great. If you need to get in touch then this is my email address – lorna(at)rabiesbabies(dot)com – much love, Lorna.


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