The Pukes On Tour

I did some pages for ukulele-punk band The Pukes activity zine, this is the ‘On Tour’ game.


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Margaret Atwood

I went to the Royal Festival Hall for the Living In Future Times Festival, to hear Margaret Atwood discuss her new novel Hag-Seed. She is amazing, intelligent, forward thinking, funny and highly entertaining and interesting.
Also at the Festival Hall, was an installation by Zach Lieberman, featuring text from Hag-Seed which interacts with the observer.
Margaret Atwood

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band practice

At band practice this week we added an explosion to the middle of our new song. It took us about an hour to work out how we would do the explosion. It sounds pretty epic. I really love the new song.2016_10_04-mofam-practice

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my bike

Last weekend I cleaned my bike and took it to the bike shop to have the gears fixed. It’s like new again! I’m so happy!


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Sauna Youth, London, Oct 2016

We had to fight through the saturday night life of Shoreditch to get there,
past the moody bouncers, and down concrete stairs,
to a friendly grey basement with a bar and a stage.

Sauna Youth gave 30 minutes of high-energy repetitive-beat punk-rock.
We were compelled to 30 minutes of non-stop head-nod, bruise-collecting arm-flailing, and size 9 docs thrashing scarily above my head as crowd surfers got too close for comfort.

There was no encore, Sauna Youth gave us their all, and I loved every song.

Sauna Youth

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The Moth Club August 27th 2016

Slowcoaches were the last band of the night. For the first half of their set there was a big pit of (mostly) women, dancing and good-humoured jostling. At some point the pit was taken over by aggressive men and the singer/bassist of Slowcoaches picked up her mic stand and stepped off the stage and placed her mic stand in the pit and claimed the space as hers. She was thrashing around, all the time playing like a maniac. A guy pushed her and she immediately turned to face him and gave him a don’t-fuck-with-me look. He withered. She won. Don’t mess with Slowcoaches, they own the whole bloody scene. They rule.


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The Parrots

Rough Trade East, 25th August 2016

This in-store show was the debut performance of The Parrots’ new album Los Niños Sin Miedo. I love their new album, it’s up there as one of the best albums of the year. The show was early and short, but the Parrots were enthusiastic & tight as ever, and i’m itching to get to their show at the Victoria in a couple of weeks.

the Parrots illustration


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