Josie Long

Josie Long’s show ‘Something Better’ at the Duchess Theatre, London.
It was really funny, and I learned that I need to get a big necklace.


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Immersion at Ambience Chasers 28/2/17

I’ve wanted to see Immersion for ages. I love their album Analogue Creatures Living On An Island. I cycled up west for ‘Ambience Chasers’, a new night put on by the Sonic Cathedral label at The Social. Immersion were completely worth braving the freezing cold for. I have no idea how long they played for. Time stood still and I was wrapped in a beautiful bubble of warm ambience (and some annoying dry ice) for the length of their set.

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Plurals/Sly & The Family Drone/Slags/Workin Man Noise Unit at a warehouse near Manor House.

All the bands who played were fantastic. Plurals were maniacs, Sly & The Family Drone gave beautiful textured sounds, WMNU blasted us with noise, but most of all I love Slags. They have songs about shit shags, creeps on the night bus and Janine off Eastenders. They are funny, fantastic and play great garage punk music. And they are stylish too. I wish I was a Slag.


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HAPPY 2017!

For anyone who did not get one of the limited edition 2017 Gigs & Pencils calendar, do not despair! You can now download the pages for free to print out and enjoy!


For more info on each band:
JANUARY: Otoboke Beaver –
FEBRUARY: Maid Of Ace –
MARCH: Brix & The Extricated –
APRIL: Hagar The Womb –
MAY: Skinny Girl Diet –
JUNE: Menace Beach –
JULY: Laura J Martin –
AUGUST: Mountain Of Fire & Miracles –
SEPTEMBER: Sauna Youth –
OCTOBER: Hell-o-Tiki –
NOVEMBER: Ela Orleans –
DECEMBER: The Parrots –

To hear tracks from all of these bands, plus some other gigs&pencils favourites please listen to this radio show:


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Calendar Playlist

I’ve uploaded a 90 minute radio show of tracks from the calendar musicians.

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2017 Calendar

I have set up an etsy shop selling a limited number of calendars here:

The cover was screen printed by gavin at and the inside pages were digitally printed. The calendar is limited to 99 copies (only 25 are for sale), each is hand numbered (/99) and signed, and wrapped in tissue with a stickered bellyband and gift tag.

Page size = 9cm x 15.5cm.

Artists featured: Otoboke Beaver, Maid Of Ace, Bix Smith Start, Hagar The Womb, Skinny Girl Diet, Menace Beach, Laura J Martin, MOFAM, Sauna Youth, Hell-O-Tiki, Ela Orleans, The Parrots.

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Gigs & Pencils Calendar

I’ve made some very limited edition hand made calendars, more information and ordering details will be announced on monday.


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