The Moth Club 7th March 2018


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GER 2 – ENG 2

Fai├čt looked like a cool superhero, and White played like a superhero.

What a game! I was screaming at the screen (not screaming at the telly – cos the BBC only show women’s football on the ‘red button’, which is less jumpy than Channel 4’s effort for the Euros, and there was commentary too, but it still would be polite if they showed England games on the proper telly, and they showed the other games in the tournament too – I would have loved to have watched all of the games.



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ENG 4 – FRA – 1

Soccer in a storm. The wind was so strong that the corner flags were bend right over.


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Dingy Skipper

My band Rabies Babies played at the Hand in Hand in Brixton, with Dealing With Damage, Slow Faction, PCF and Dingy Skipper.
Dingy Skipper turned out to be my very old friend Dick Ugly, formerly of Hackney anarcho punkers Ugly Beat, a band who I shared many a bill with back in the 1990s.
I love Dingy Skipper – sort of like if Johnny Cash and Woody Guthrie were Durham miners. This was his first gig, hopefully there will be many more.2018_02_23_dickugly

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I went to the ‘Making Her Mark’ exhibition at Hackney Museum.

Many incredible and courageous women are celebrated in the exhibition, but these shoes really struck me. They are so normal. They are smart, flat shoes. They are not fancy, they are not the shoes that you would imagine are ‘activist’ shoes. They are just normal shoes. I have shoes like this (for wearing on rare ‘smart’ occasions). Almost all women I know have these shoes.

Nicola Thorp got sent home from work for wearing these shoes. I’m not sure what Nicola Thorp’s job is, but it is not a firefighter or builder or mountaineer, (all of which are professions that these shoes are unsuitable for). Nicola Thorp got sent home for wearing these shoes because at her work place the dress code for women is to have high heeled shoes. This was in 2015.

Nicola Thorp decided to complain about this. She started an online petition, which led to unfair and sexist dress codes being discussed in parliament.

So, Nicola Thorp’s normal shoes, which look so normal, and not at all the shoes of an activist, are changing laws.

Hurrah for Nicola and her shoes!




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R.I.P. M.E.S.

I love The Fall and I always will.

I saw The Fall so many times. Sometimes they ruled so much and they were the greatest band on earth. Sometimes they were shite.

Thank you Mark E. Smith, for making the albums that were so influential to me.




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My little friend Ozzy is three.
Happy Birthday Ozzy!


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